International Open Seminar
State Hermitage Museum
ITMO University
Saint Petersburg, Russia
State Hermitage Museum, in cooperation with ITMO University, hosted a series of seminars with world leading scientists, artists, art restorers and curators in the period from November 2016 to June 2017. Invited specialists not anly talked about their professional experience in the field but shared their vision about possible ways of interdisciplinary communication in today's context.
Each seminar consisted of two presentations: one — from representative of scientific world, one — from representative of art world, followed by discussion on a selected theme of the month.
Project participants:
Paola Antonelli
Curator, MoMA, New York
Maxim Artyomov
Immunobiologist, USA
Dmitry Bulatov
Curator, NCCA, Kaliningrad
Hans Bjelkhagen
Physicist, optician, UK
Nicholas Eastaugh
Physicist, art researcher, UK
Zoï Kapoula
Neurophysiologist, Paris
Olga Kisseleva
Artist, researcher, Paris
Oron Catts
Artist, Researcher, Australia
Claudia Lastra
Curator, Arts Catalyst, UK
Dmitry Muromtsev
Mathematician, Saint Petersburg
Austin Nevin
Chemist, restorer, Italy
Paraskevi Pouli
Head of Research, Fo.R.T.H., Greece
Ken Rinaldo
Artist, professor, USA
Charles Falco
Physicist, USA
Vadim Fishkin
Artist, Russia–Slovenia
Julie Freeman
Artist, researcher, UK
Monthly themes covered various fields in contemporary art, science and museum work:
On the crossroads of Art and Science; In the Search of Reality: Instruments and Methods; Surrounding medium: Cultural Heritage Science & The Art of Light; Technologies in Art: Instrument and Media; Biological Engineering and Bio Art; Interpretation Experience: Neuronetwork Mechanisms; Big Data Analysis and Digital Art; Collaboration of artists and scientists.
Открытие семинара Art&Science: Наука.Искусство.Музей
19 ноября 2016
The total audience of 8 seminars amounted to 2000, among which art historians, curators, scientists, technical experts and people interested in new technologies and contemporary art from all over Russia. Even most capacious halls of State Hermitage Museum could not fit all who wished attend the seminar. Thus, full online translations in Russian were organized.
Project curators from the side of State Hermitage Museum:
Nadezhda Sinyutina, Natela Tetruashvili, Alexander Kiryutin, Daria Boldyreva;
from the side of ITMO University:
Sergey Stafeev, Olga Buzina, Nadezhda Markova.
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